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Internationalisation Tools

This is the selection of our Internationalisation Tool Pilots, in all of it’s glory!

The pilots will take place between the autumn 2020 and summer 2021 in different countries around the Baltic Sea region as well as online. See the Tool-pages for more information and join us!

The Baltic Home exhibition presents furniture and functional design by artists from the Baltic Sea. In most of them, we find references to the philosophy of creation in the trend of mindfulness and respect for craftsmanship, but above all towards nature. Scandinavian design is widely known, but the design of the rest of the Baltic Sea does not give way to quality and creativity.
Exhibitions are one of the most effective tools to market products, that is why we have offered such tools for CCI companies/actors, so that they could take advantage of maximum opportunities in one place. Our aim was also to bring collection Baltic Sea designers to life and VR is an excellent tool for this. It offers a different experience for customers, as  they can view every side of a product and in true scale.
The exhibition took place physically on September 29 - October 16, 2020 in the historic villa of the Szczecin Incubator for Culture and is currently available online!

Pitching for a Better Baltic Sea is about furthering transnational and cross-sectoral collaborations in the Baltic Sea Region within the creative industries. Gathering start-ups, SMEs, incubators and other CCI actors, Pitching for a Better Baltic Sea show how the UN's Sustainable Development Goals for climate change and sustainability can create value, give direction and lead toward the innovation and investments of the future.
The Pitching for a Better Baltic Sea internationalisation tool is split into two concrete sets of pilot activities, the first took place 28 and 29 October 2019, the second will be held 28 and 29 October 2020. The 2019 activities involved two BSR countries, Denmark and Latvia, whereas the 2020 activities will have participants from 4 different BSR countries.

MESH a brand new – free – online festival on creative work, design and regenerative thinking. It will take place 10.- 13.11.2020. MESH will be a “pick and choose” format mixing inspiring talks, interactive workshops and roundtable discussions with linear TV, film streaming, artist showcases and other fun stuff going in a more informal direction. No tight schedule where you have to stay in Zoom all day long. Thematically it will span over design, sustainability and technology.
Registration will open October 21st!
Read more about the festival and speakers here.

At International Date Night we invite professionals within the gaming industry across the BSR region to meet and find potential future business partners and create an international network. The Date Night will take place at our incubator, Ideas Lab, The event is approximately from 17.30-21.30. We are aiming for 50-60 participants including Danish companies.

The concept is simple: Bring a 4-minute slideshow to pitch in front of the other participants. The presentation must include the following four questions: - Who are you? - What are you working on right now? - Which skills can you offer to other projects? - Which skills are you looking for for your own projects?

When all companies and professionals have pitched, they are divided into different stations where they have the chance to talk to interested possible business partners. The setup is very low-key with pizza.

ABCD - Scanning Tool for CCI Internationalisation intends to gather intermediaries and cultural practitioners in online sessions providing space for facilitated discussion in an open environment and create synergies for and with the participating partners.

The goal of the ABCD - Scanning Tool for CCI Internationalisation is to define current real needs for internationalisation within the CCI sector in each region, to map and prioritise these needs in order to collectively find and draft possible solutions in response to the expressed needs of the participants. The online format allows to communicate and interact in an international context involving participants from various Baltic Sea Region countries.

Each format consists of two sessions à 3-4 hours within 3 days moderated by Henryk Stawicki and Justyna Turek from Change Pilots ( and facilitated by ARS BALTICA. The tool is directed to intermediaries and regional/ local actors in the BSR.

The activities consist of 3 units. A 4 days basic training course "Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship in the Creative Economy" for Russian CCI startups and enterprises will be held offline from 19 to 22 October under support of the Danish Cultural Institute (St. Petersburg branch office). International conference on VR technologies as one of the creative industry is planned to be held in March 2021 as it is the basic internalisation tool and we hope that the borders will be opened and we could invite partners, foreign speakers and interested CCI companies; Competition of creative and innovative VR projects will be held within the international conference (March 2021).

MELT+ is a 3-day programme introducing Estonian business landscape and marketing possibilities including MELT conference to all sectors in CCI. MELT conference focuses on business innovation and consists of various panel discussions, seminars and showcasing area. The programme starts with a topic of how to start a business in Estonia including introduction to e-services and business support organisations. The programme includes mentor speed dating with experts of different business management topics, e.g. creating a business strategy, product development, marketing, finding investments etc. MELT will take place in spring 2021.

Soft Landing in Estonia is a program for early stage European startups in cultural and creative industries (CCI). The aim is to introduce Estonian startup landscape, accelerate early stage business growth, provide access to relevant connections in Estonia. It is hosted by Tallinn Creative Incubator, which has been operating since 2006 and has contributed to the development of more than 500 design and tech companies.
Program includes

Introduction about doing business in Estonia, e-Estonia Showroom – e-Governance, business and finance, industry digitalisation, startup environment
Mentoring session on business model, pitching, legal framework, go to market strategy Access to Latitude59 conference

The Design Pop-up Lab is an international prototyping Lab for designers of different disciplines. It brings together designers from Mikkeli, Riga and Hamburg to jointly build prototypes for sustainable design in three 4-day- sessions between March 2021 and June 2021. The first two sessions will bring together up to 5 designers from every region in national groups. They will come together in their home countries and work on an idea and a prototype to tackle the given challenge (the challenge will be one of the SDGs). Although the groups will be in their home countries, they will be virtually connected to the other participating regions through online workshops and inspiration sessions. The third meeting will be the presentation of the prototypes in Riga.

The whole aim is to network and exchange ideas in an international environment by working on prototypes that tackle one of the major challenges of today from a design perspective: sustainability.

Game Mixer is an acceleration program for young generation game developers. Consisting of multiple different modules, the program offers capacity-building, coaching as well as networking possibilities for the game developers. The program aims to support small gaming studios to create international contacts and thus reach for international growth. The exchange between the game developers from different Baltic Sea region countries enables the exchange of best practices between the countries and sub-regions. The dates and additional information about the pilot will be announced shortly.